Comforser Tire Warranty

Purpose and Scope
Purpose: This Policy is designed to protect the interests of end users.

This Policy covers
Tires manufactured by tire manufacturers and sold by Comforser Canada will be free from defects for the period of 36 months from the date of invoice from the dealer to its end user or 80,000 km.  Tread wear, vibrations, or balancing issues are not warrantied with list price.  In store warranty is available for purchase.  If the tire fails due to manufacturing defects, the user shall make the claim to the Comforser Canada within 48 hours of failure.  Distributor or Dealer shall provide the following information to Comforser Canada within 7 days from the date of claim from the user.


  • Tire Size

  • Serial number

  • Purchase Invoice

  • Fitment date

  • Clearly marked defect on the tire

  • Clear photos of the tire and defect

  • Remaining tread depth

The claimed tires shall be kept in a safe place for after-sales inspection.

This Policy is void if:


  • The tire serial number is abraded or altered.

  • The tire has been repaired, buffed, retreated or reproved.

  • The claim is due to misuse of the product and improper application (over or under inflation, overloading, speeding, vehicle having mechanical defects, irregular and unstable rims.).

  • The claimed defect is due to normal wear and tear of the tire.

  • The claimed defect is due to non-compliance with the provision of storage.

  • Sidewall damage.

  • Damage caused by foreign object (nail, steel, glass, concrete).

Manufacture Defects include:

  • Tread separation

  • Bead separation

  • Belt Edge separation

  • Millage discrepancy

Compensation Policy

  • Replacement will be made when manufacture defect is found prior to installation.

  • Replacement will be made when manufacture defect is found if:
    – Tread wear less than 3 mm from original depth for TBR tires
    – Tread wear less than 50% of original pattern depth for PCR tires
    – Tread wear less than 10% of original pattern depth for OTR tires

 Goodwill may be considered in special circumstances on a case by case basis.